The Everyday Girl Guide to: Life (About Me)

February 20, 2012

  • Mother to four children (3 boys, 1 girls), aged 6 to 12.  I can’t write about teenagers yet.
  • One-time drama geek whose best role was Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker, but who most enjoyed doing musicals like Little Mary Sunshine and Patience.
  • A high soprano who wishes she could sing rock but will always stick with pop and country.
  • A casual runner who will never be fast (even in high school, where I ran the 800 competitively, I never won a race), but will always be persistent.
  • An also-casual swimmer who has taught swimming to all ages and stages, but really loves teaching the babies.
  • A brief truck driver who loved being on the road (riding a skateboard, for those in the know), but couldn’t reconcile it with family life.
  • A “Republican hippy”, I treasure family values and home life, but also do my best to help preserve the planet entrusted to us.
  • A mildly OCD, over-organized list maker who has learned to USE lists, rather than let them use me.
  • Soooo much more, but let’s start with this for now, shall we?
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