The Everyday Girl Guide to: Relationships (Priorities, Pt 3)

April 16, 2012

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So, if you’ve been reading along, at this point you know that I’ve messed up my relational priorities pretty badly.

I’ve given up my strong faith in God to be the woman needed to become someone’s wife.

I’ve trivialized my marriage to be a mom, first and foremost.

Then I left my kids behind in a welter of confusion when I no longer had a good compass to steer me.

I spent the next couple of years trying to get my relationships prioritized correctly.

I was in a relationship that again subverted God, my kids, and even myself to be who he needed.  That relationship ended badly.

I kept flip-flopping between trying to survive and trying to do what was best for my kids.  My ex managed to get full custody of the kids and I suffered intense depression over the loss of my “north star”.

Only when I finally started getting my priorities straight did I once again start finding some peace and joy.

I’m trying to put God first.  I still fail miserably more than half the time, but I know that’s what my goal is.  I’m working for it.

For now, my children get the second place in my life, BUT should I ever again be in a relationship that leads to marriage, I will have to learn to balance that with the requirement to “love him above all else”.

Never again will I change who I am to be right for someone.

Doing so led to a nasty divorce (for a woman who despises it), huge debt (for a woman who was only late twice in her life on any bill), loneliness, and the loss of my kids.  That last one still hurts the most.  But I have it straightened out now.

Every decision goes through the priority filter first.

That’s really what relationships are all about.

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