The Everyday Girl Guide to: Diets

June 2, 2012

I don’t like diets.  Even ones that work are still more of a fad; weight loss that works only as long as you deprive yourself.  I like lifestyle change: long-term habits that, in the long run, leave you healthier.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about caveman “diets”, based on a hunter-gatherer way of life.  The Paleo Diet, the Primal Diet, and The Maker’s Diet are all good examples of this school of thought.  I had originally thought that Daniel’s Diet was similar, but reading over the website felt like an advertisement for products (much like South Beach feels to me).

Most of these lifestyle change diets are no- or low-gluten, no simple carbohydrates, no processed foods, and more activity.  Beyond that, each has its own “spin”.

Gluten allergies and sensitivity runs rampant in our world.  Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Celiac’s Disease all have either gluten sensitivity or outright allergy.  I may have UC myself, although I’ve never been formally diagnosed.  Because of that, these gluten-free diets interest me more than some others might.

My next big project (over three sets of 21-day trials) will be to go through each of these diets and give them a thorough trial.  Starting Monday (June 4), I will follow The Primal Diet (based on Mark Sisson’s book The 21-Day Total Body Transformation).  When I finish with that, I will move on to Paleo, then The Maker’s Diet.  For each diet, I will keep a daily journal and do a wrap-up at the end.  When I’ve finished all three diets, I will do a comparison and contrast.

Although I have worked in health and fitness, I am not certified, nor am I medically trained, so if you use any of this information, please do so based on your own research and a discussion with a trusted doctor.  This is merely my layman’s review of what’s out there.

I look forward to sharing this all with you and, hopefully, providing some good, in-depth information.  I’ll be excited if I also happen to lose a little bit of weight along the way.

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