The Everyday Girl Guide to: Diets (Primal Diet- end of Day 1)

June 4, 2012

So, overall, I think I did well today.  The hardest part of the kitchen purge was actually that I can’t purge it all.  There’s soda, ice cream, and all sorts of things I can’t eat in there to tempt me.  I did give in and have one soda (caffeine-free).  Bleh.  But otherwise, I did mostly well from breakfast (which I skipped for some odd reason) on.

For my movement, I didn’t get in any walking (and may not today!), but I did edge and mow the front lawn and then clean up the mess.  Based on the low-level ache, I think that’s all I’m going to manage today.

Energy levels today (1-10): 8

Hunger level between meals (1-10): 7

Satisfaction level with meals (1-10): 9

YUM!  I liked my two meals.  I had a protein burger (burger wrapped in lettuce, not on a bun) at In n Out with tomato, mustard and grilled onion and a milk for lunch, a BabyBell (full fat) cheese for a snack, and field greens, sauteed spinach with salsa, salmon burger and milk for dinner.  I may have to cut back on the milk eventually, but it’s full-fat organic, so for now, I’m sticking with it.

Struggles today with Primal Efforts:   I’m not looking forward to shutting my computer and media off in an hour as the sun goes down

Benefits noticed from Primal Efforts: Unsure yet.  I don’t feel terribly different.

Time to start shutting down my media so I am ready to adjust to no-media after dark.  More tomorrow!


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