The Everyday Girl Guide to: Diets (Dieting and Sleep)

June 12, 2012

First off, I’m doing far better now that I’m off the Primal Diet.  I do think that it has it’s good points, but it may not be a good idea for anyone suffering from Crohn’s or Colitis.  I purged green for five days straight.

My stomach is doing better, but I totally blew any concept of “diet” last night.  Monday night, my father (who has Alzheimers) had a bad night and we were up with him until 4 am.  Low sleep, lots of stress, and I woke up not wanting to eat.  Some people eat more under stress, I eat less.  Last night he did better, but he didn’t get to sleep until after midnight, at which point I needed to run and get my dog enough food to at least make it through breakfast.

As I wandered the grocery store aisles in that stupor that often comes from late night jaunts into flourescent lights, I hit the ice cream aisle.  Ice cream, in my family, is the Holy Grail.  It substitutes for meals and can even inspire world (or sibling) peace.  I almost got the tiny, single serving carton, but they only had Skinny Cow and I’m not a fan of reduced-fat, reduced-sugar ice cream (or anything).  I like Ben & Jerry’s, so I got the pint.  I prefer Pistachio Pistachio, but they were out, so I got Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

I read time and time again that one key to losing weight is to close the kitchen after dinner.  I know food substitutes for energy in my life quite often.  Stil, I thought I could exercise self-control.  I thought I could just have a few bites and put the carton away.

This is why you should dip out a few scoops and put the carton away: I ate the entire container.

One day of eating an entire carton of ice cream won’t kill me.  I shouldn’t even pack on any pounds.  But if I did that once a week and, due to the late hours and lack of sleep, moved less, I would easily put on 1-2 pounds a week… or up to 100 pounds in a year.  Just from eating ice cream.

I’m still tired today, but I’m going to go get in my very long walk anyway.  The sunshine will help me sleep better tonight and avoid another pint of ice cream.

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