The Everyday Girl Guide to: Detoxifying Your Body (Day 1)

January 1, 2013

There were so many distractions to doing this today:

  • I hadn’t yet gone grocery shopping, so I wasn’t prepared.  Solution: I did a partial fast.
  • I got a late start on my water.  Solution: I’ve been trying to drink more to make up for it, but I’m still behind.
  • My mother and sister are still eating junk food from last night.  Solution: Try to eat away from them and avoid that junk food!

I did do my “to do” for the day.  I have a fitness journal.  I’ve already put in what I’ve eaten and drunk today.  Still need to document my sleep, exercise, how I feel… no real pampering done.  Oh, it also had a spot for putting in my weight and measurements.  I’m already down to 154.2 (8 pound loss in the last six months).  At 5’9″, this is within my acceptable weight range.  Now I just have to work on my measurements, which means more weights.

If you want to make your own health journal, start on the first page with your measurements and weight and any goals for the month.  On every page following, document every bite that goes in your mouth and every drink that goes in your body.  Keep track not only of dedicated periods of exercise (today I ran), but also of how active you are the rest of the time (sat in front of the TV all day vs. did housework and ran errands).  Don’t forget to note how much sleep you got the night before, then rate your energy level from 1 (nearly comatose) to 3 (average) to 5 (extra energy to spare).

For the record here, I got 9 hours of sleep and, although I’m now a little tired from all the things I got done today, I haven’t felt sleepy-tired all day, so I’m going to rate the day at a 4.

See you tomorrow!

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