The Everyday Girl Guide to: Detoxifying Your Body (Days 2-4)

January 5, 2013

Okay, it’s already getting a lot harder to stick to this cleanse and, for the future, I think I may limit myself to a shorter cleanse.  Not sure how long would be right, but the knowledge that there are still 16 days– more than two weeks– to go makes me want to cheat.

I did clean out the cabinets and refrigerators and put back in only good stuff, but I share a kitchen, so there’s all sorts of temptation.  I’m doing better by telling myself it’s not mine, but then the kids want more food and I never seem to have enough of the healthy stuff.  This could be tough…

I’m actually doing well with the lemon water.  Not sure how much it’s helping, but I did have a weird case of night sweats, so maybe it’s doing its thing.

The whole thing with lemon water is that lemon is highly alkaline-forming.  Our bodies are made to be slightly alkaline– around 7.3 or 7.4 pH.  Because of our diet, we tend to run slightly acidic (coffee, soda, diet foods, processed foods, and grains are all acid-forming).  Drinking lemon water each morning is a step in turning my pH more alkaline.

I was worried that the lemon water would upset my ulcerative colitis, but so far I’ve stayed fairly healthy and my bowel movements have been more regular.  Still more flatulence than I’d like (should’ve warned that this blog is not for the weak of stomach), but even that seems to be improving.  Again, since I did cheat, I’m not sure if it’s from the cleanse or from the cheating…

I do well having my 16 ounces of green tea each morning.  Yesterday I managed a full 72 ounces of water (including the lemon water and green tea).  Today I’m closer to 64, but only a little off.  I have started to feel actual thirst again, which is a nice change from never really being thirsty, just having cravings.

I’m supposed to have committed to eating only whole foods as of today and I goofed.  I had a nut bar AND a Coffee Bean tea latte.  The nut bar was, at least, full of nuts and only had real sugar (no high fructose corn syrup) and the tea latte wasn’t the ice blended or mocha I really wanted, but it was still a slip-up.  Time to start afresh tomorrow.

I haven’t been able to sleep as much as I should, so it’s hard to tell how I’m doing in the energy department.  I definitely craved caffeine today.  Hopefully getting a good night’s sleep tonight will help.

More update tomorrow.  These should be more detailed in a couple of days.

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