The Everyday Girl Guide to: Detoxifying Your Body (Days 5-10)

January 10, 2013

I am learning moderation with this detox.  I think a shorter period would enable me to be very strict, but 31 full days (30, whatever) is a huge stretch.

I haven’t quite cut out all refined sugars, but they are very limited in my diet.  I probably cheat about once a day, maybe every other day.  I’ll try to be strict about it for the last two weeks, but for now, I’m allowing tiny slips.  These are huge steps.

I haven’t purchased a dry skin brush yet, but I’m using a loofah in the shower itself.  I feel cleaner and, I admit, I had a little breakout.  But it’s getting better already.

I joined a gym… I haven’t been there yet.  I will go in and do all the actual paperwork on Saturday, then I plan to use it for 2-4 days a week.

I will still need to get one of those books from the library.  I’ve been reading other books about nutrition, but haven’t hit these yet.

The only CSA in my area delivers on Tuesdays at 1pm.  I’m at work.  It’s not an option for now, but I will try to hit the farmers’ market regularly.

I have done yoga twice now (although I left out the aromatherapy part… need candles!).  I do feel a little more centered and definitely notice the flexibility improving.

As far as the food is concerned, this requires some very careful planning or extra money.  I’m planning carefully for the last two weeks, but I’ll try to stay in a holding pattern until then.

I will weigh tomorrow.  At that time, I’ll repost how I’m doing.

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