The Everyday Girl Guide to: Detoxifying Your Body (Day 11-16)

January 16, 2013

Alright, this detox thing is hard and, I have to admit, expensive.  Maybe it’s because I’m not used to it (I’ve never done one before) and don’t have the resources set up to do this.  Maybe I didn’t have a lot to detoxify (doubtful).  But doing this has been very, very difficult, especially on a tight budget.

I haven’t been doing my health journal.  I started out strong (and I did do my weigh-in last Friday), but I am so tired by the time I get home, make a from-scratch meal, make my meals for the next day, and get ready for bed that I just don’t feel like writing.  Still, I’ve planned out most of my meals and, even though I’m not being perfect about my plans, I’m sticking to it pretty closely.

I’ve only missed drinking my lemon water (always lukewarm) twice so far.  Once I made it up in the evening.  The second time I just skipped it.  I’m not certain it’s helping, but my colitis has been behaving.

I ordered my non-BPA bottles finally; can’t wait for them to get here.  I’ve been drinking around 64 ounces every day (eight 8-oz glasses), but by body weight, I should be drinking more like 75.  Seems like it would be easier if I could refill with healthy, filtered water anywhere.  I slipped up once and had a soda.  It didn’t really even taste good, but I was very tired and in need of caffeine.  I decided one drink wasn’t bad.

I slipped up on fast food/ processed food a few times.  I tried to make healthier choices when I did it, but tiredness and finances were a factor.  I sincerely doubt I will ever do a full month cleanse again.

I’ve been much better about sugar than anything else.  Fruit is starting to taste very sweet again… a nice result.

I joined my gym… I have yet to use it.  There have been various factors (time, mostly, but also the fact that I’ve started biking 9 miles a day in my work commute.

I’m in the process of reading The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox.  It recommends a 21-day detox, another affirmation that a month is just too long.

I was doing better about using the farmers’ market before I started this.  Again, I’m tired and money is tight from the detox.

I haven’t found a good place for fresh fish, which is ridiculous, since I live 15 miles from the ocean.  I’ll try to work on that tonight.  I also didn’t do my recharge day in nature, but it was very cold this last weekend.

I’ve cut out grains (except when I’ve slipped up).  I really like quinoa, but am limiting myself to one serving every day or two.

I have a good source for grass-fed beef and haven’t had non-grass-fed beef so far this month.  Now I’ll try to not have any more red meat until the detox ends.  I also have a loofah for the shower, but not a dry brush.  I decided the dry scrubbing (tried with the loofah) was uncomfortable and made my skin a pretty shade of ouch.

I’m doing it out of order, but tonight I’m going to do a facial.  I like facials; it’s one of the few girlie things I like to do.  Maybe it will relax me and help me sleep better.

Sorry this post is so long.  There are just so many details… I could already fill a book.  More to come soon.


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