A Year of 21 Days: Minimalism (Day 7- Generosity)

February 7, 2013

I had originally planned to follow the original Minimalists’ guideline and write about my support system today.  While I do have support, I can do THIS largely without support.  I have a few friends and family members who know what’s going on, but I’m not relying on that support to get me through this.

I’d like to focus, instead, on generosity.

Matthew 25:34-40 is the story of the followers of Christ who either served Him by serving the poor or didn’t serve Him with their finances.  The moral, clearly, is that we should be motivated to be generous by thinking of others as a representation of Christ.

It’s not the representation I have a problem with; I love to be generous.  The problem is that my debt makes it highly irresponsible for me to be as generous as I’d like.  I’ve been selfish and spent money on myself (or my kids) and can’t give it to others who might need it more.

Luke 12:41-48 (especially verse 48) says that whoever is given much will be expected to give much.  I have been given so much.  No, it’s not always financial, but why am I not giving my gifts, my intellect, my talents?

I need to find a way to increase my generosity.  This may take some time to work out.

I was able to unpack eleven boxes last night.  I haven’t figured out everything I’m getting rid of, but I’m at least making progress.  I just told myself this was someone else’s stuff.  I got rid of things like someone else would… mostly.  I’m still going to have to work at it.

I’m praying for my finances tonight and giving up control of “my” money (that isn’t mine in the first place).  I want to do a full day fast soon, but not right now.  Next week.  Sunset to sunset.

I’m grateful for all the gifts God has given me.  Have I mentioned lately that, in spite of this process, I’m blessed?

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