A Year of 21 Days: Minimalism (Day 16- Debt)

February 17, 2013

I was rarely in debt when I was younger (meaning ages 18-36).  I had no school loans, paid cars off with alacrity, never kept a balance on my credit card, and even paid my mortgage aggressively.

Then I went through a divorce.

I now have a sizeable amount of debt.  I am working on paying it down.  I refuse to claim bankrupcy.  It may be the right option for you, but I can’t see it being the right option for me.

This month, I get to pay off two debts completely.  I’ll still have several other ones, but the feeling of completing something (even if they’re the two smallest ones) has more value than just getting rid of the bill.  I can do this.  I now believe.

I’m not going to just go cancel these cards; apparently this will kill my already terrible credit.  But I will take them, put them in a drawer, and not touch them.  Maybe for an emergency, but nothing else.

There are plenty of great plans out there to reduce debt and I’m not a financial maven, so I’m not going into it.  But if you’re in debt, you need to get out.  Period.  It can be done, even if you’re poor.  The only real excuse is if you can’t get a job.  Otherwise, you just have to move more slowly than other people.

Post Proverbs 22:7 somewhere:  don’t let the lender rule you.  Let God be in charge of your life.

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