A Year of 21 Days: Beauty (Day 2- Confidence)

March 2, 2013

It’s been said that confidence is far more attractive than true beauty.  A woman who carries herself like she is beautiful tends to be found beautiful.  Many famous models are beautiful because they allow themselves to believe they are.

Proverbs 31:11 says:

Her husband has full confidence in her
and lacks nothing of value.

Even if you’re not married now (or maybe never plan to be), are you living your life so that your husband (or best friend) has full confidence in you?  Confidence comes from trust; once you’ve lost trust, you have to work twice as hard to get it back (although I believe it’s possible if both sides are willing to work for it).  Better, though, just to never lose it at all.

There are plenty of surveys about what men want.  According to one by Power to Change, men want a woman who communicates honestly (we’re back to confidence again).  Superficiality may get his attention, but it won’t capture or keep his heart.  They want honesty, no manipulation, and a woman who grows throughout the relationship.  (If he doesn’t want these things, then you should look elsewhere anyway.)

I need that confidence to communicate honestly.  When something hurts me, I tend to turn it inside.  I need to really work on the confidence to believe that he’s going to stay with me even when he sees my flaws (this is a big problem for me).  What are your problems?

I’m going to work on this open honesty and confidence.  Maybe knowing that’s really what others want from me will help me fight harder for it myself.


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