A Year of 21 Days: Beauty (Day 4- Eager Hands)

March 4, 2013

Proverbs 31:13

She selects wool and flax
and works with eager hands.

I have a confession to make.  I don’t truly hate crafts… I just have no talent for them.  Like many things I have no talent for, I tend to relegate them to my “hated” pile so I don’t have to deal with my lack of talent.

So, are crafts part of a woman’s lot?  Am I supposed to learn to be proficient at crafting, even if I don’t have a particular talent for it?

There are some good things about crafting.  For one, crafts are a useful skill.  Most of them produce an item that can actually be used.  Knitting, sewing, and crocheting all produce a textile product…. but I can’t seem to develop a skill for any of them.  Sewing is one of the few classes I’ve flunked.

Still, I can’t help but feel I should learn a craft (besides the putting together of words or music).  Maybe I’lll add that to the list of things I want to start this year.  Maybe…

Proverbs also says I am to work with eager hands.  Double-ouch.  There are plenty of things I do with eager hands, but crafts aren’t one of them.  Maybe it’s more about the attitude.  I need to do all things heartily, as to God.

It feels like the list of what I need to work on gets steadily longer, while the list of what I’ve accomplished doesn’t go anywhere.


I’ve never had a manicure, but I’ve noticed of late that my hands, more than any other part of me, show my age.  I’ve started trying to spend a little more time on my hands, but I refuse to get a professional manicure.  There is just no way I can justify spending that kind of money on my hands (and there’s no judgement there for the ladies who have beautiful hands!  I’m just not one of them).

However, there are home-grown manicures that will at least help your hands look younger.  Per ThirdAge.com:

  1. Keep moisturizer with you and use it often.  Try for at least three times a day.  Use a heavier cream at night.
  2. Rub hands with a salt scrub (or the afore-mentioned coffee scrub) every once in a while to remove dead, dry cells.
  3. Use sunscreen on your hands.  (Note: I’m not a huge fan of large amounts of sunscreen, but I do use it on my face and should probably use it on my hands.)
  4. Get the right diet, high in Vitamins A, C, E, the B vitamins, and Omega-3’s.
  5. Keep your hands out of hot water.  Use lukewarm water when you can; use gloves when you have to use hot.
  6. Wear gloves when the weather is cold, when doing rough activities (ie, gardening), or when coming in contact with chemicals.
  7. Splurge on a homemade manicure (yeah, I changed that).  Give yourself the full treatement, including a hand massage, soak, and possibly a light, clear coat of polish (or whatever you prefer).
  8. Pamper your hands overnight by slipping them into a pair of moisturizing gloves.  Make your own by selecting an old pair of gloves, moisturizing with a heavy cream or oil, and leaving them on all night.
  9. Use hand grips or Chinese stress balls (I have these) to keep your hands limber and strong.  If you play an instrument, give yourself a plus in this category.
  10. Check in with a dermatologist or keep track of any odd changes in your hands and see a doctor.  Take care of your hands… and they’ll take care of work for you.
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