A Year of 21 Days: Beauty (Day 6- Early to Bed, Early to Rise)

March 6, 2013

Proverbs 31:15

She gets up while it is still night;
    she provides food for her family
    and portions for her female servants.

I really should check on what’s coming up the next day.  I did not go to bed at a reasonable (or even quasi-reasonable) hour last night and had a very hard time getting up this morning.  On the plus, my commute pretty much requires me to get up while it’s still dark, so at least I got that one right.

I know that sleep is very important to health, sanity, looking younger, even weight-loss.  I’m also aware that I don’t quite seem to need eight hours every night; about 6-7 and I’m doing great.  As soon as I drop below that, though, I rack up a sleep deficit that stays with me for days.  Last night I definitely dropped below that.

When you stay up too late, you’re tired the next morning, so you have a coffee (for me, it has to be drowned in chocolate) or a soda.  Then you need energy so you have a handful of candy or a donut.  By the time evening rolls around, you’re so hyped on sugar and caffeine that you can’t sleep.  Not only that, but you’ve added an extra 200-1000 calories with caffeinated beverages and comfort food.  Ouch.

Sleep also affects our hormones.  When you’re sleep-deprived, you produce more ghrelin… which in turn tells you to eat more and keeps energy up (and all this time I thought I was running on adrenaline… which may also be true).  Sleep-deprivation also causes you to produce lesser amounts of leptin, which tells you to stop eating.  So you feel the urge to eat more often and have less of an urge to stop eating.

This verse also says to provide for your family.  It doesn’t matter if your family includes a spouse and eleven children,  just your children, just a spouse, or just you… the responsibility to provide is still there.

Finally, she provides for her female servants… or her employees if you have them.  If you can’t provide for your employees, you shouldn’t have a business. 

All of this, though, requires going to bed on time (with everything done so you sleep well) and getting up early to get a start on the day.


There are tips from Harvard on how to maximize your healthy sleep here.

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