The Everyday Girl Guide to: Budgeting ala Dave Ramsey

July 13, 2013

I recently posted that I needed to be better about my finances and directed my readers to Dave Ramsey’s site.  Since I’d just touted it, I thought I should pay a visit myself.

I did the free budget, using (mostly) the amounts suggested by the site.   For the record, I put food right at the max percentage and debts a little over (because otherwise I’m never paying those suckers off!).

First of all, it’s going to take a huge step of faith to faithfully tithe an amount that is more than half of my food budget.  Ouch!

Second, I’m not sure how I’ll find a place to live on the housing limitations (and I put housing almost at max), but at least I know now to say no to anything well out of the ballpark.

The big one, though?  Food!  How do you feed three growing boys and two less-voracious females on $60.50 per week??  I have problems feeding just me on that amount.

I’ve already had beans and rice recommended to me.  Beans are not a friend of my ulcerative colitis, but brown rice is.  Maybe I’ll start having brown rice with every meal.  I don’t seem to have any sensitivities for that. 

This might not be the best time to be giving up eggs and dairy, though.  I don’t mind the soy, gluten, corn, and sugar.  I can manage with the peanuts.  But eggs and dairy… those get me through a lot of tight budget days.

Time to get creative.

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  1. N Says:

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