The Everyday Girl Guide to: Trolls (Annoying Comments)

July 16, 2013

I got a friend request on Facebook the other day from a guy I didn’t know who had no picture.  Always trying to be polite (and admitting my bad talent with names), I sent him a Facebook message asking if I knew him and just didn’t recognize the name.  Chris (not changing names to protect the guilty) said no and almost immediately hit on me.  I told him I wasn’t available, he persisted.  Eventually I wished him well but stopped responding.

End of story, right?

Chris came back a bit later with questions for me.  The big one was why did I still have my ex-husband’s last name.  Apparently this bugged Chris even though he didn’t know me and, based on the way things were going, was never going to get to know me.

Just for the record, when I went through my divorce, my youngest was three at the beginning.  It’s pretty customary for moms to keep the same last name as their children anyway.  I dated someone before the divorce finalized, too, (no, I don’t recommend that), and things were serious enough that I thought my name would be changing soon anyway.  But that’s really none of Chris’ business.

Apparently he thinks it is, because he now leaves comments on this blog about the same issue.

Chris, in case you’re still reading my blog, comments are moderated on this blog.  I don’t mind legitimate questions (even ones that may run contrary to how I, personally, believe).  But what you’re doing is being a troll… and this is as much time as you get out of my life.

Time to move on.

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