The Everyday Girl Guide to: James and My Life (James 4:9-10)

July 26, 2013

I am still struggling with James.  Forget the fact that I’m busy with the kids being off on summer break; I just cannot wrap my head around my next (tiny) section of verses.  Time for some research.

Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. 10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

James 4:9-10

I’ve tried commentaries, word searches, topical searches… verse 9 largely has me stumped.   I even tried the dictionary… no help.

Perhaps God is saying to grieve the state of the world, mourn where we are versus where we can be, and wail over the sin round us.  Perhaps He wants us not to laugh from false merriment (or the laugh track on the television), but to regret the obvious damage that our culture is doing to our society.  Maybe we’re valuing and finding our joy in something we’re not supposed to be valuing above God.

Maybe we’ve just put ourselves above furthering the Kingdom.

If we humble ourselves, don’t value our own entertainment so much, and are willing to be humbled, God will lift us up.  God can provide our laughter and joy.

I find it hard to tithe– or even to donate to the homeless man on the corner– but I usually manage to find a few spare dollars for a run by Starbucks or Coffee Bean and I protect my over-priced cell phone bill fiercely.  I hate that my kids encounter issues I didn’t even know existed at their ages, but I gloss over it when the same issues show up in books, television shows, or movies.

Perhaps I’m too focused on  my own joy and laughter and not focused enough on letting God provide my lifting up.

I’m still not sure that I’ve got this all right, but it does give me something to think about.


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