The Everyday Girl Guide to: Saving $200 by 2014 (Day 1 Revisited)

August 26, 2013

Alright, I just sat down to do my budget.  I used Dave Ramsey’s Budget Lite for the initial work.  Then I tweaked it.  A lot.

Dave seemed to think I could do my housing on $300 less than the lowest-price housing I was able to find.  I tweaked that one up to the maximum out of necessity.  I simply cannot find something for less than a certain amount.  Not the best start, but a necessary one.

I was able to lower my transportation by just a bit– or will be able to once I move.  Until I actually move, my transportation will be higher and my housing will be lower, but they should balance out together.  Again, not the way I normally would do a budget, but you have to work with what you have.

I dropped Savings, Medical, Personal, and Recreation some.  I have inexpensive interests for the most part and, while I want to put some in savings, I’d rather have more in paying off Debt.

I’m not sure who manages to eat (even a single person) for under $100 a month and eat healthy food, but I can’t quite do it.  I will be tweaking this one regularly, but I upped the amount for now.

Finally, I was able to put what was left into paying down debt.  It’s not the most exciting budget, but I do tithe, put money into savings, eat alright, and not have to live in a box on the side of the freeway (not much of a joke, since I see people doing that on a daily basis).  I’m going to make a tentative start at this this week, but it will go into full effect on September 1st.

Step one: check!


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