The Everyday Girl Guide to: Naked Juice Class Action Suit

August 28, 2013

Dumpster juice

Dumpster juice (Photo credit: Thirteen Of Clubs)

I love Naked Juice.  I love how it tastes, love that it’s good for me, and love that I can actually get some nutrients when my ulcerative colitis acts up.

Unfortunately, Naked Juice (and PepsiCo) has been lying to the public about GMOs and being “all natural”.

There’s currently a class action suit against Naked Juice.  If you have ever purchased a Naked Juice, go here  and get all the information.  Even if you have no receipts, still visit this page.

This is one more reason that all GMOs and ingredients should have to be listed in the ingredients… and one more reason PepsiCo (among others) fought so hard to limit it.  (To be fair, so did Coca Cola, who owns Odwalla.)

More on that another time.  For now, go find out what you can do about it.




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