The Everyday Girl Guide to: Running My First Half-Marathon (Race Weekend Prep)

September 10, 2013

So, it is finally here.  Race weekend.  I’m ready (sorta).  I’m stoked (sorta).  I’m…

… worried.

I had a bad UC bout the week before and I haven’t run in a week.  Not one step.  No biking.  I’ve barely walked.  I dither back and forth about skipping the half entirely.

But I paid for it.  Trained for it.

I also overscheduled for it.

The race is on Sunday.  On Friday night, I’m supposed to drive to pick up my kids, then go to a birthday party another 70 miles away.  (I didn’t know it was another 70 miles when I agreed to it.)  I’m stressing this, because it’s a highly social thing and I’m feeling very introverted.  I wise up and cancel, but I still have to drive for two hours to pick up the kids, then another hour and a half to get them home.  Then we stop to get groceries and I promise we can all sleep in the next day.

We do sleep in (10 am!) and then I make cinnamon raisin French toast and hash browns.  I know I can’t carb load the night before the run; I’ll be in the bathroom for the whole run.  Hopefully carb loading this early will get it all resolved before the run.

The only big things on my agenda are housecleaning, the library, and picking up my race packet.  This should take, at most, three hours and make for a relaxing day.


Housecleaning takes us until 2 pm.  2 pm!  We have quesadillas and carrot sticks for lunch, then run out the door to the library.  Books are due and the kids need something to read, or I wouldn’t bother.  Oh, and we need something to go with dinner, so we run by the grocery store, only to realize that this needs to be refrigerated.  We go back home, drop off the groceries, and go to the library.

3:30 pm.  The day is slipping away and I haven’t relaxed yet.

The library goes smoothly and we get in and out and head for the beach to pick up my race packet.  I’ve never done this before, so I’m nervous.  Then I have a hard time finding parking and a harder time finding the packet pickup, which generates more nerves.  I’m supposed to be staying calm and relaxing.  Hmm.

The kids want to play on the beach.  Although it was a little tiring, I think this was my best decision all weekend.  I love the beach.  I love watching my kids have fun.  They ran, splashed, found a perfect sand dollar, discovered mollusks and other rocky-beach creatures, and generally had a blast.  We stay a little too long, get a little too sandy, and maybe I use my muscles a little more than I had planned, but I’m glad we did it.

We get home and I start kids on showers while I make dinner.  Basmati rice, teriyaki chicken, and stir fry veggies.  Showers are done, dishes are washed.  It’s date night with the #1 son.  We watch I Am Number Four and have microwaved s’mores.  I stay up a little too late getting everything prepared for the next day and showering, but I feel… ready.  Mostly.

Tomorrow is race day.


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