The Everyday Girl Guide to: Saving $200 by 2014 (Slow Progress is Still Progress)

September 20, 2013

I checked in this week to see how I’m doing at my goal to save $200 by 2014: $53.  That’s one-quarter of the way there with three full months to go.  I’m starting to feel like I can do this, in spite of birthdays, Christmas, new contacts, and a much needed dentist visit being on the agenda.  But I can’t get complacent.

Next week I’m going to pretend I’m on food stamps for a week and see if I can survive on $4.50 a day (or $31.50 for the week) as part of the Feeding America SNAP Challenge.  While this will be good for my wallet, it isn’t so good for training, so I’m going to bring my training down for just that week.  I did bike 37.6 miles and run 8 this week, so I wasn’t totally slouching, but I need to get back to weight training soon.

Beyond that, I don’t have any words of wisdom on this whole savings thing.  Slow progress is still progress.  I’m still moving up, not down.  I guess saving money is like weight loss; you want it to magically appear all at once, but it’s a lot healthier to do it in bits and pieces and get the habits in place for long-term living rather than short-term results.

It still would have been nice to win the $400 million Powerball on Wednesday night.

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