The Everyday Girl Guide to: Feeding America SNAP Challenge (Day 2)

September 25, 2013

Yesterday was my birthday.  I did NOT follow the guidelines to the letter.  First, if I’d been on food stamps (and I have been in the past once), I’d have saved up so I could have something special on my birthday.  That’s just what you do.  Second, if someone offered me free brownies for my birthday, I’d definitely accept.  It’d be rude (and dumb) not to.  So… I cheated.

I’ve noticed some definite flaws in this challenge for those of us who aren’t well-off CEOs of major companies.  I can’t use food I already have on hand?  I’m a smart shopper; I buy in bulk and it lasts me a week, a month, or more.  buying for just one week for this challenge was a waste.  Not being able to use food I already have was wasteful and irritating.  If I did this challenge again, I’d do the month-long version.

You can’t accept freebies?  Trust me, if you’re on SNAP, you will accept any freebie you can get… and will actively seek out discounts, perks, and other things.  Again, I understand that the idea is to experience hunger.  It’s still flawed.

This challenge also assumes that you don’t already occasionally miss a meal or make a less-nutritious offer because you’re on tight funds.  Yes, I’m blessed and I can occasionally splurge, but I’m also digging out of four years of divorce debt.  I know what being hungry feels like.  I know what doing without feels like.  Between my finances and my ulcerative colitis, I can’t afford to let my nutritional levels drop too much or I really will be just like someone on SNAP… suffering from anemia, malnutrition, and other deficiencies.

I’m still going to try this today, but I may stop soon.  It HAS made the point… and I don’t have a big enough following to stress over it.  I just don’t.


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  1. Nancy Says:

    Happy belated birthday. Praise unto the Lord for many more to come.

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