The Everyday Girl Guide to: The Happiness Dimension (Intro)

April 30, 2014

The last time I bothered to blog, I blogged about happiness versus unhappiness.  Obviously, this is an area I’m struggling in.  I’ve decided to do a big series on this whole happiness dimension, because it’s clearly something I don’t have a grasp on.

I have been happy in the past and it hasn’t been dependent on my circumstances.  I think I’ve just got too much of my life off-kilter, out of whack, and out of balance.  I’m hoping this will fix it.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  According to The Cancer Prevention Research Center, there are seven clear stages of change (some sites list five):

  • Pre-contemplation (also known as denial):  I don’t need to change
  • Contemplation:  Hmm.  Maybe I should think about changing.
  • Determination/conviction:  I need to make a change!
  • Preparation/ planning:  This is what I need to do to make a change.
  • Action:  I’m making a change!
  • Maintenance:  I’m continuing to do the things that made a change.
  • Relapse/ recycle:  Oops.  I’ve fallen out of the habit.

Most sites that talk about forming a new habit (like this one) suggest that it only takes 21 days.  That’s for small habits, like remembering to floss.  I’m making a huge life change that will involve a lot of small habits.  This may take a while.

The Wellness Center at UC Riverside (and other places) lists seven different dimensions of health.  While I agree with the ones they have, I split nutrition and physical into two different areas.  I also added finance, because I think poor financial health greatly impacts happiness.  Finally, I added a section for planning/miscellaneous notes, because I like to plan and planning makes perfect.  (No, not really, but…).

So, over the next however long, I’m going to embrace happiness, one step at a time, through a cycle of ten dimensions:

  • Planning/miscellaneous:  This will be where I work on goals, planning, and other miscellany that doesn’t fit anywhere else
  • Emotional: It’s all about attitude
  • Environmental:  Working to surround myself with healthy options and learning to take care of myself first so I can take care of others
  • Nutrition: You are what you eat
  • Spiritual:  If I don’t grow, I’m going backwards
  • Physical:  Exercise, activity, and rest
  • Social: family, friends, and acts of service
  • Mental:  I need to aggressively learn and grow
  • Financial: Financial freedom lets me pursue my other goals and relieves stress
  • Occupational:  I spend more time working than any other activity except (maybe) sleeping

Because I want this to be useful to others, not just me blogging about me, I’m going to have three sections in each post:

  1. The point or dimension of the day.  This is just informational.
  2. How you can use this.  Hopefully I can make the information accessible to everyone.
  3. Where I’m at and how I’m using it.

I hope you come along with me and are able to make use of the information.

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