So, overall, the detox has been a success, but I’m not doing 30 days.  I think I stopped somewhere around day 21, bored with it and ready to move on.  This doesn’t mean that I didn’t take anything away from it.

  • My current lifestyle is not conducive to keeping any sort of journal, but especially a health journal.  I can see where they would be useful, but I actually relaxed more once I told myself I didn’t have to write everything down.
  • Drinking more water is a definite plus; I can feel the fatigue go down the closer I get to my goal of 70 ounces.  I also like the lemon water (I think I’d like it better warm but don’t have the ability to warm it right now).  I’ve found a weakness in tea lattes, but I think it’s at least a step up from blended coffee drinks.  I have managed to give up soda entirely and don’t miss it.
  • I largely kept to the no processed, only whole foods.  Yeah, I had the occasional slip-up, especially toward the end.  Did I mention 30 days is a long time?  I found some processed foods too salty now and some far too sweet.  I will try to stick with the whole foods thing.
  • I really like honey and molasses better than white sugar (or even brown sugar).  I’m thrilled, as I have young kids who like sweets.  This way, we can at least work towards healthier, limited sweets.
  • Dry skin brushing: ick.  I like my loofah in the shower, but the dry skin thing isn’t happening.
  • I’m using my gym now, although I still like my home-based workouts just as much.
  • There are a ton of detox concepts out there and most of them are the same, plus some very soft science or the attempt to sell you their product.  I like the one I used because there weren’t any real gimmicks and most of the ideas are fairly well-backed by science.
  • Very hard time with the farmers’ market, local CSA (can only do the pickup on Tuesdays in the middle of the day??), and local suppliers, but I’ll keep working on this one.  I did use Trader Joe’s, the local health food store, and the organic area of supermarkets.
  • No aromatherapy, but I’m still making a go of yoga once a week.  I’d like to try the class at the gym, but haven’t made it there due to my schedule.
  • I love my grass-fed beef source and use it regularly.  I haven’t purchased “regular” beef in a while.  I still need a better source for chicken and fish.
  • Quinoa, buckwheat, and wild rice are all awesome.  I can happily use these in place of my normal grains (never a huge bread person).  I’ll have to adapt recipes here and there to figure out some baked items, but overall, these work.
  • Facial, getting outside to play, both better.  Bed earlier and one day of fasting each week, not as much.  I still want to try, though, and plan to do another series on prayer and fasting after a break.
  • I did cut out dairy (switched to almond milk) and cut down on eggs, but I was feeling the lack of protein and pulled free-range eggs back in.  I would like to find a whole milk source, but will settle for limited organic milk and keep with the almond milk.
  • I love spices.  I can’t believe I let myself forget how much I love them.  Cinnamon is a mainstay, along with cilantro, lemongrass, pepper… I’ll buy more as I can afford it, but there will definitely be more spices.
  • I’m making a huge effort to avoid GMOs and additives.  My sinuses seem to be doing better and I didn’t have a breakout when I normally do, so it may have made a difference.  I never did get a massage though.  Someday…
  • I haven’t figured out a way to make my own juices; no room for a juicer and no money for it.  I do try to buy freshly made juice once a week, though, and substitute fruit and vegetable smoothies (like Naked Juice) for the occasional meal.  I also haven’t checked my pH, even though I have a resource for it.  Finances…
  • At some point in the future, I’m going to do the five day cleanse as described, but I was OVER this cleanse before I ever got to the five-day.

I will do this again.  Not I would, but I will.  I just don’t think it will ever be 30 days.  21 days appears to be my limit, but a good 5-7 cleanse like what should’ve been done toward the end would be awesome.  Maybe next January.  Until then, I’ve learned a lot, will take away a lot, and lost 3 pounds.  I’m pretty content with the results.  Did anyone else try this?

I am learning moderation with this detox.  I think a shorter period would enable me to be very strict, but 31 full days (30, whatever) is a huge stretch.

I haven’t quite cut out all refined sugars, but they are very limited in my diet.  I probably cheat about once a day, maybe every other day.  I’ll try to be strict about it for the last two weeks, but for now, I’m allowing tiny slips.  These are huge steps.

I haven’t purchased a dry skin brush yet, but I’m using a loofah in the shower itself.  I feel cleaner and, I admit, I had a little breakout.  But it’s getting better already.

I joined a gym… I haven’t been there yet.  I will go in and do all the actual paperwork on Saturday, then I plan to use it for 2-4 days a week.

I will still need to get one of those books from the library.  I’ve been reading other books about nutrition, but haven’t hit these yet.

The only CSA in my area delivers on Tuesdays at 1pm.  I’m at work.  It’s not an option for now, but I will try to hit the farmers’ market regularly.

I have done yoga twice now (although I left out the aromatherapy part… need candles!).  I do feel a little more centered and definitely notice the flexibility improving.

As far as the food is concerned, this requires some very careful planning or extra money.  I’m planning carefully for the last two weeks, but I’ll try to stay in a holding pattern until then.

I will weigh tomorrow.  At that time, I’ll repost how I’m doing.

Yoga. Is. Evil.

In case I was somehow vague, yoga was created by Stepford Wives to make the normal humans realise that a) we are not flexible, b) we are not as strong as we thought, and c) we do not look calm and centered when we try to be flexible and strong.

I have had a passing acquaintance with yoga in the past.  I knew the tree pose, the mountain, downward facing dog, and (my favorite), the child pose.  (Apparently I’m supposed to capitalize all of them, but I’m also supposed to do yoga with a restful spirit and that didn’t happen.)

The real challenge of yoga isn’t so much how fast or hard or heavy anything is… it’s that my body is used to doing things its own way and yoga tries to remind it how to do things right.  Posture, breathing, alignment… these are all foreign in my go fast, use my body until it fails me world.

There were a few poses I didn’t try at all (reverse bridge), but I did most of the 30 poses with my kids.  I am fairly flexible for my age, but a few of these were challenging.  My core is definitely not as strong as I’d like.

I’m hoping to take a real yoga class next week.  That should help me figure out if I really don’t like it or just need more time with it.  So far, the jury is out, but I can definitely see how it could benefit me.  Sometimes, that alone is enough to convince me to keep trying.