Alright, so The Primal Diet and I don’t get along.  I’m going to take what I learned from it and move on.  The idea here is not to find a fad that will give me quick weight loss or a perfect body by swimsuit season (too late anyway!), but to find a lifestyle change that will work with my body type, digestive ailments, and exercise needs.

Body type: small on top (need some muscle) and all fat storage on bottom (plus some muscle beneath that).

Digestive ailments: I’m mildly hypoglycemic (basically, if I don’t run down the sugar stores too badly, then it’s not bad, but I get shaky and irrational if I run them down past a certain point.  No, I’m not always irrational.)

Exercise needs:  I’m training (ha!) for a 10k.  Okay, I need to be training for a 10k.  Starting tomorrow, I will resume training for a 10k.  Luckily for me, the 10k isn’t until October.  But I want to amp up my exercise without amping up my calories significantly.

Tomorrow, then, my goal is to have a scrambled whole egg, grilled potatoes with onions and peppers, and whole milk for breakfast.  There is a higher percentage of protein in that meal than normal, plus slightly more fat… but it’s all natural foods.  This will be after jogging a mile, doing sprints with strength rotation, and walking a mile back.

Lunch will be 4 oz of salmon and a handful of carrots and cherry tomatoes… after walking the 2.9 miles to the library.  Then I’ll walk back.

I need to go grocery shopping, so dinner is still up in the air.

Hopefully this will get a Primal “base” going, but still make allowances for my personal needs.  I’ll go ahead and weigh (but not measure) tomorrow, too, since it will have been a week.

Here we go again!