I did alright at the Primal Diet on Day Three.  I had a minor cheat (half a non-caffeinated soda) and did a different form of exercise than the one in the book, but even the book says to do the exercise that you enjoy and, that day, it was the only kind I could manage.  I walked 7 miles.

I also had a flare-up of my Ulcerative Colitis.  Greens have not been my friend much for several years and this diet is full of lots of greens.  I was moderately ill on Wednesday, but managed to push through my day.

Thursday was worse (and I was on the road).  I was sick enough at one point to think I was going to have one of the spells where I passed out, but managed to ride it out.  I ate very little and was doing better by bedtime, but only marginally.

Friday morning I was ill again, so I just didn’t eat.  No breakfast, no lunch.  I finally had a snack (evil fruit snacks) with my kids in the afternoon and then ate a normal(ish) meal of leftover meat and rolls (yep, gluten) for dinner.

Today, I feel better.  Not 100%, but definitely in the 90% range.   I don’t think I’m even  going to give the other two diets a try, though.  Both rely heavily on certain foods that just don’t agree with me and I really don’t like three days of sickness.

I’ll have to go back to figuring out my own diet.  I was really healthy once, in spite of the UC, so it’s doable.  It just takes effort.

Sorry for those who were looking forward to following my progress.  Here are the parts about the Primal Diet that I do agree with:

  • Our society reviles “fat” far too much.  There is plenty of good fat out there, even in meat, butter, and oil.  The bad fat is the kind that is produced in a factory somewhere (I can always taste it on certain french fries) or that’s hidden in other foods.  I’m going to enjoy my full-fat meat, regular butter (not margarine), normal oils, and full-fat milk when I have them.
  • Our society uses far too many second-string foods.  I’m a big football fan.  You use your best players in every real game unless they’re injured.  You only throw in second-string (or worse) when your best can’t play.  Yet we use fake sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and all manner of processed foods to fill us up on a daily basis.  I already avoid fake sugars and most processed foods, but I’m working on cutting those, HFCS, and all those artificial colors and flavors out completely– or as close as is possible in a “normal” life.
  • I don’t think grains, especially whole grains, are bad, but I do think we put too much emphasis on them.  A plate of pasta… with sauce, maybe a side of veggies.  A bowl of rice with some veggies and meat stirfry.  A huge hunk of bread with some meat and veggies inside… and these are the relatively healthy meals.  I’m not cutting grains out (not when oatmeal tends to keep my stomach surprisingly happy), but I am going to cut them down.
  • Exercise should be enjoyable.  Now, I happen to like running (and I’m training for a 10k), so not running is silly, even though the Primal Diet isn’t a big fan of running outside of speed work.  But I do agree that lots of walking, biking, swimming, and PLAYING should be far more important in my day than getting into the gym.
  • As late as I’m posting this, you may think that I don’t agree with the sunrise to sunset limit on electronics and bright lights, but I actually do.  I’m just not good at it and, in my current living situation, it’s not always very practical.  But I will work on more early nights and earlier mornings; I’ll try to cut down on the heavy dose of media I always find myself immersed in; and I’ll try to stop and smell the roses a little more during the daylight.

So, while the diet itself didn’t work for me, I can’t discount that it could work for others.  I’m certainly going to use parts of it to help build my new “diet” (a lifestyle change, not a fad).

Maybe I’ll even eventually give up coffeehouse drinks.

Okay, today started off rocky.  I woke up at 3:30 am, wide awake, and eventually fell back asleep around the time I wanted to get up.  Slept off some of a sinus headache, but had to take medication to get rid of the rest.

I did not do a shopping spree because it’s just not in the budget.  This may set me back a bit, dietwise, but it’ll just have to do.  So Challenge One FAILED. 😛

I did get in a great workout (hopefully I can count it as moderate duration).  I walked 3.5 miles, watched a movie, then walked 3.5 miles back.  I would say it was definitely in the “moderate duration” area.  Challenge Two DONE.

Working on setting up for the “calm, relaxing evening”.  About to turn off my computer and turn down the lights, just to read a bit before bed.  We’ll see what time I manage to get up tomorrow.

To eat today, I had an egg scrambled with chopped spinach, onion, and yellow pepper, topped with salsa, with one glass of milk for breakfast.  I had a teriyaki chicken bowl for lunch (bah, rice!), but drank water.  I had a second egg scramble with potatoes and veggies for dinner.  So… it’s gonna take me a bit to adjust to these limitations, but I’m doing better.

  • Energy levels (1-10): 9
  • Hunger level between meals (1-10): 8?
  • Satisfaction level with meals (1-10): 9

More tomorrow.  It’s almost dark.

So, overall, I think I did well today.  The hardest part of the kitchen purge was actually that I can’t purge it all.  There’s soda, ice cream, and all sorts of things I can’t eat in there to tempt me.  I did give in and have one soda (caffeine-free).  Bleh.  But otherwise, I did mostly well from breakfast (which I skipped for some odd reason) on.

For my movement, I didn’t get in any walking (and may not today!), but I did edge and mow the front lawn and then clean up the mess.  Based on the low-level ache, I think that’s all I’m going to manage today.

Energy levels today (1-10): 8

Hunger level between meals (1-10): 7

Satisfaction level with meals (1-10): 9

YUM!  I liked my two meals.  I had a protein burger (burger wrapped in lettuce, not on a bun) at In n Out with tomato, mustard and grilled onion and a milk for lunch, a BabyBell (full fat) cheese for a snack, and field greens, sauteed spinach with salsa, salmon burger and milk for dinner.  I may have to cut back on the milk eventually, but it’s full-fat organic, so for now, I’m sticking with it.

Struggles today with Primal Efforts:   I’m not looking forward to shutting my computer and media off in an hour as the sun goes down

Benefits noticed from Primal Efforts: Unsure yet.  I don’t feel terribly different.

Time to start shutting down my media so I am ready to adjust to no-media after dark.  More tomorrow!

The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation: A step-by-step, gene reprogramming action plan

Day one of the Primal Diet (per Mark Sisson’s book The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation.  Here we go!


Alright, it doesn’t specifically say to weigh and take measurements (it does say to take a picture, which I tried and promptly decided was a bad idea), but I want to have some objective form of measurement for all three diets.  So, drumroll…


  • Height: 5’9″
  • Build: Pear-shaped
  • Weight: 162 lbs
  • Chest (relaxed): 28″
  • Chest (expanded): 31″
  • Neck: 13″
  • Waist: 28″
  • Biceps: 12″
  • Forearms: 9″
  • Hips (whimper): 39″
  • Quads: 23″
  • Calves: 17″

Okay, so a 36″- 26″- 36″ I am not (and never have been… and the chest measurement is UNDER the male definition of a woman’s chest, just FYI).  Not a lot of room for change there; I don’t carry fat on my ribs.  But I can definitely do a lot better in the waist and hips area.

Today, I’m supposed to purge all the SAD (Standard American Diet) foods from the kitchen.  I can’t get rid of everything because I share the kitchen with others, but I have eaten or given away pretty much all of my SAD food and I bought some very basic replacements yesterday: Plain Greek (full-fat) yogurt (one container).  1 dozen organic eggs.  2 Salmon Patties (I’ll explain my limited cooking situation in a moment).  2 cans of no-additives salmon.  One gallon of full-fat organic milk.  So Challenge 1 DONE.

Next I’m supposed to grab a few essentials at the local supermarket.  I still need to get some real veggies, fruit, and nuts, but I just lost my long-term temp assignment, so money is a little tight.  Doing this diet on a very strict budget should be interesting.  I’ll follow the directions and wait until tomorrow to do a major shopping trip at Trader Joe’s and then hit the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday for fresh, local produce.  Yum!  So we’ll say Challenge 2 DONE.

I need to do more movement today.  I had a slow morning, so I didn’t get my dog out for a walk first thing, but I’ll take her for a walk tonight.  I’m also trying to get up and move around every hour or so.  Challenge 3 IN PROGRESS.

Challenge 4 is going to be tough on a tight budget.  I’m supposed to invest in Primal tools.  I’m not going to be buying any of the evening tools to make things dimmer; I’m just going to try to lower the lights and shut off media.  I have or have access to the exercise basics (comfortable clothing, a track to run on, and even a pull-up bar), have decent kitchen basics (but no real stove or oven!), and will now go work on my shopping resources.  I need to find out when the farmer’s market runs and then see how much the internet options cost.  Challenge 4 IN PROGRESS.

I’ll do the journal from the book with my entry for tonight.  Off to work on those resources!