Since financial health is one that I consider necessary to happiness (but UCR does not?), I had to find a financial assessment tool.  I went with the New York Times article here just to get me going.

  • Is your net worth growing?  Um, no.  Five years after divorce started and I’m only starting to dig myself out of the hole I made.  But my potential to have my net worth grow has improved.
  • How is your debt-to-income ratio, your savings fund, and your emergency fund?  Debt has improved (very slowly); I have nearly non-existent savings and emergency funds.
  • Are you spending more than you earn?  No.  I spend exactly what I earn, some of that including paying down debt.
  • Am I adequately insured? No.  No vision or dental insurance, only medical.  No renter’s insurance.

There are  a few other questions (which I welcome you to go look at yourself).  The basic answer, however, is that I’m not financially healthy.  I knew that.  My goal is to improve my financial health.  This is going to take time.

Short-Term Goals (3 Months)

* Follow a budget (I’ve been making one)

* Put a set amount into savings each month and don’t touch it

* Develop a debt-reduction plan

Mid-Term Goals (1 Year)

* Have a set plan in place to get rid of all debts

* Have all the necessary insurances

* Have a will and a death plan (I should look up what the proper terminology for that is, too).

Long-Term Goals (5 Years +)

* Get rid of all debt.  Five years is plenty of time.

* Have a good savings account and an emergency fund.

* Develop my 401k so I might actually be able to retire by age 95.


Like I said, financial health is probably my weakest area, but I know it is a huge component of happiness, so I’m going to work on it hard.  How did you do?