I think this is probably the area where I naturally do the best.  I’d be thrilled that I’m doing well in an area, except that it’s pretty lopsided.  I depend on my brain.  My dad had Alzheimer’s.  I don’t want to be so dependent on my mental ability that I have nothing else.

The UCR Wellness Center assesses intellectual wellness as:

  • Am I open to new ideas?  I love new ideas.  I write speculative fiction.  I boldly seek out new… ideas.
  • Do I seek personal growth by learning new skills?  In the last six years, I’ve learned three entirely new skillsets.  I’ve also lost skill in others, but I’m still growing.
  • Do I search for lifelong learning opportunities?  Yes.  There are amazing free classes available from places like EdX, Coursera, and others.  When I’m not taking online courses, I’m learning by reading.
  • Do I look for ways to use creativity?  I am a writer and songwriter.  I’d like to act.  I don’t have much in the way of visual arts, though.  That should probably be a long-term goal.

Short-Term Goals (3 months)

* Take class on Becoming a Resilient Person

* Write actively each day

* Look for an opportunity to act or perform musically

Mid-Term Goals (1 Year)

* Find a visual skill I enjoy and learn how to do it

* Take at least one class each quarter

* Use the skills I develop

Long-Term Goals (5 Years +)

This is another area where I’m going to leave it open for now.  I might start to develop longer goals in this area, but I already engage in a learning lifestyle.  I need balance first.

How did you do?