It’s here.  Letting go day.  Today I need to finish clearing out all the boxes and going through all my stuff into trash, donate, sell piles.  Some things in sell piles might move to donate and trash, but nothing gets to move back into the keep pile once I’ve put it into one of those three “get rid of” piles.

I’m allowing myself to keep certain things for the kids, certain mementos I currently have no way to scan, and seasonal items until I’ve gone through that season, but I’m trying to be ruthless.  Trying…

Life is a gift.  These things are a gift.  All of it belongs to God and if I’m having a problem giving it up, then maybe I need to let go of it even more.

The early church, as shown in Acts 4:32-35, were extremely generous and had no real issues with ownership.  Everything belonged to everyone.  They were able to be of one heart and one mind because there was no jealousy over possessions. 

How would my life be if I wasn’t defined by my possessions?  If I didn’t care about what I owned, how would my life change?

Time to let it all go. It’s not mine anyway, right?  By Matthew 25:14-21, I am just a caretaker anyway.  Am I hoarding what I’ve been given instead of using it wisely for God?

I’m grateful for what I’ve been entrusted with, but it’s time to share that wealth.  I pray for peace today as I give up ownership.  What I have isn’t mine.