I was hoping it wouldn’t have to come to this, but it does.

I need to freeze my debit card.

I’ve put this off because I work far enough from home to want to have my money available to me at all times.  There are ways around this, though, and I need to use them.

I’m going to use the envelope system.

Basically, I’ll pay what has to be paid by check or out of the account as soon as I get paid.  This includes what goes into my savings.  Everything else, every last penny, goes into an envelope in the form of cash.  If I don’t have cash, I can’t spend it.

Again, I used to be good at this, so it’s driving me nuts that I’m not anymore.  But with a little hard work, I can be good at it again.

It just might pinch a little at the beginning.


How to Budget With the Envelope System