Yoga. Is. Evil.

In case I was somehow vague, yoga was created by Stepford Wives to make the normal humans realise that a) we are not flexible, b) we are not as strong as we thought, and c) we do not look calm and centered when we try to be flexible and strong.

I have had a passing acquaintance with yoga in the past.  I knew the tree pose, the mountain, downward facing dog, and (my favorite), the child pose.  (Apparently I’m supposed to capitalize all of them, but I’m also supposed to do yoga with a restful spirit and that didn’t happen.)

The real challenge of yoga isn’t so much how fast or hard or heavy anything is… it’s that my body is used to doing things its own way and yoga tries to remind it how to do things right.  Posture, breathing, alignment… these are all foreign in my go fast, use my body until it fails me world.

There were a few poses I didn’t try at all (reverse bridge), but I did most of the 30 poses with my kids.  I am fairly flexible for my age, but a few of these were challenging.  My core is definitely not as strong as I’d like.

I’m hoping to take a real yoga class next week.  That should help me figure out if I really don’t like it or just need more time with it.  So far, the jury is out, but I can definitely see how it could benefit me.  Sometimes, that alone is enough to convince me to keep trying.