I’m not a stress eater, which has been a blessing for me in many ways.  When I’m stressed, the last thing I want to do is eat.  I am, however, an emotional eater.  Eating is more comfort than stress-release.  I don’t like cookies, for example, but if I’m hurting, I will eat an entire box.  Bleh.

I need to start applying the same “want” versus “need” to my food.  How often do I eat something I don’t really need out of gluttony?  Coffee house tea drinks (now that I’ve given up the coffee drinks, at least), anyone?

Gluttony isn’t my only concern, though.  How often do I eat because it’s time to eat?  Societal norms say I should have breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  What’s wrong with fasting through a meal now and then? 

I also eat some foods that I don’t ever need.  My body has absolutely no need for refined sugar.  If I am craving sweets, my body probably needs fruit (and the nutrients in fruit).  If I’m craving a burger, maybe I need iron, protein, or healthy fats.  I need to be conscious of the food choices I’m making.

Luke 12:15 warns to be on guard against greed.  I’m generally not too greedy… except in terms of food.  If life “does not consist of an abundance of possessions”, maybe I should be careful to not let it consist of an abundance of food, either.

I’m going to give up eating out for the last eight days of this challenge with two exceptions.  First, I have a date with my second son this weekend.  I already know he wants to go out for ice cream.  This is his date, so we’ll do what he wants.  I also had planned to have pizza with my kids on Friday night, just to make the commute easier.  I may change that one to not be eating out, but the date will stand as-is.  Other than that, I’m done eating out.  I mean, it’s eight days.  I can do this.

I’m learning more about nutrition every day.  I need to make a list of what my actual food needs are and post it somewhere conspicuous.  It’ll be harder to justify a large chai tea latte when I see that the only thing it has that I actually need would be better obtained in other ways.

By the way, I’m not suggesting you can’t occasionally have a treat.  Even the Bible has its feast days.  I just thing we’re so focused on the feast that there’s no longer true enjoyment in the specialness of it.  Time to regain that.

I am grateful that I have never been truly hungry in my life.  I’ve had limited food on occasion, or tight food budget choices to make, but I have never once been in danger of starving.  That’s pretty blessed.