Proverbs 31:14

She is like the merchant ships,
    bringing her food from afar.

There is some illusion in today’s world that a good Christian woman doesn’t work.  While I happen to fall on the side of the fence that says that you should stay home with your children as long as you can, I also think you should have some means of productivity while you do it.

Hey, stop throwing things at the screen.

The Proverbs 31 woman worked.  She not only took care of her family and herself (we’ll get to that later), but she had some gainful form of employment.  You don’t get food from afar without a certain degree of commerce.

Whenever I see this verse, I think of Jacob sending his sons to Egypt to buy grain from Joseph.  In this instance, the men did the buying from afar, but it was often the woman’s job to do the food purchases.  A wise woman, planning ahead, could make or break the family budget with where she bought her food.  Even today, food plays a huge factor in the budget.  The expected monthly food budget for a family of four, according to the USDA, is between $548.00 and $629.10, depending on the age of the children on the thrifty plan.  It can go as high as $1244.30 for a family of four.  That’s more than some families’ rent.

Before you ask what a food budget has to do with beauty, I’ll explain: the more money you spend on food that isn’t healthy for you, the less money you can spend on your family, your healthy food, and yourself.  You don’t have to break the bank to do it.

When you buy organic, buy the dirty dozen.  For everything else, try to buy local (farmers’ markets or CSA- community supported agriculture- are a great buy) and try to cut out the eating out.  According to an Ally Bank poll, eating out each month costs between $72 (at the very low end) to $525 a month.  That’s as much as some families spend on groceries!

Take the time.  Make a menu each week.  Use the farmers’ markets and local produce.  Shop the sales.  Stick to your grocery list… and cut down one of your biggest budget items.  Maybe you can splurge on a new haircut in celebration.


The most neglected areas on a woman’s body are her neck, chest, and hands.  Use lotion with sunscreen on your neck as well as your face; generally your neck is exposed to whatever your face is.  Your neck is less likely to break-out with acne than your face, so use a heavier cream during the winter or whenever you’ve been exposed to the elements.  Don’t be a woman with a 30-year-old face and a 60-year-old neck.