I’ve been worrying about this day for most of the challenge.  I like my photos and documents.  I like to have things around me that nudge my memories of the past.

Maybe I’m hanging onto the past too much.

After all, as Matthew 6:19-20 says, my treasures should be in Heaven (in the future), not here on earth (in the past).

How do I learn to treasure these things less?  Maybe by not holding onto them so tightly.

I haven’t gotten rid of everything, but I did toss a lot of mementos I thought I really needed.  I’m going to get my photos all digitized and backed up at some point.  I’m working on having solely digital copies of my movies.

After all, I have the rest of my life to get the right attitude perfect.  Right now is just about taking a step… one baby step… in the right direction.