“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble  themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  2 Chronicles 7:14


I believe relationships are a need.  The Bible says that God didn’t think man should be alone, so He created woman.  We as people, even introverts, have a need to be with other people, to socialize, to relate, and to connect.

Too often,I don’t pray properly for those things I truly need.  Although the Lord’s Prayer  is most often used as a guideline for prayer, the above verse from 2 Chronicles 7:14 outlines another way to pray.

“If my people…”  The first step is to be sure I belong to God.  While He listens to all His children, He saves the best gifts for those who call Him father.

“… who are called by my name…”  Am I living in His name or hiding my relationship?  When I date, do I date anyone, or do I seek another who has His name written in his or her heart?  Until I am willing to take on God’s name as my own, my prayers are limited by my own ego.

“… will humble themselves…”  Oh, ouch.  This is the hardest one for me.  Admitting you need help is not something most of us like to do.  Admitting we need help in our relationships… that one stings.  After all, we know who we are and what we want!  We should be able to pick the right person out.  As someone who got what she wanted, I can say that doesn’t always work.  I want someone who knows who I am, who HE is, and is looking out for what I need.  In order to get that, I have to humble myself and say goodbye to my pride.  This one is up to God.

“… and pray…”  Okay, let me be honest here.  I pray, yes, but how often do I come before God time after time and pour out my need to Him?  I think I probably bug my mom more with what I need than I do God.  Until I am willing to talk to God time and time again about my needs, I am still trying to solve them myself.  It’s not a matter of time.  It’s a matter of doing.  When I wake up, “God, please bless the man You’ve chosen for me today.”  When I’m driving, God, please keep him safe and prepare his heart for me.”  When I go to bed, “God, take a special place in his heart as he sleeps.”  Why don’t I do that?

“… and seek my face…” Maybe, just maybe, what I want on my time and my terms isn’t what I really need.  I need to stop pushing for my shopping list and start seeking what God has in store for me.  Until I seek His face and His will, I may get what I want, but I may deny myself what I need.

“… and turn from their wicked ways…”  I am no angel.  I’m not even in line to be a future saint.  I have messed up more times than I can count and I still struggle in areas.  I’m forgiven; I have no doubt about that.  But I still fall back into some of the same habits.  I get depressed about someone not liking me.  Why??!  That’s pure ego.  That person isn’t right for me!  I let conversation with a guy go past where it should (no, I don’t mean I get out there and have a full on sexting session, although I was guilty of that once.  I mean I skirt the edge, talking about things I should be saving for a committed relationship).  Until I turn from these wicked ways, I am limiting myself to my own desires.

“… then I will hear from heaven…”  I have four kids and the oldest one LOVES to talk.  A lot.  He could probably talk all day if he had someone to listen to him.  I learned very early on to let him talk sometimes and just pick up on the important stuff.  I know God is a lot less limited than I am, but sometimes I think that’s what He does.  He lets us talk, babble, share, whine, and celebrate, but He truly hears when we put our whole heart into it.

“… and I will forgive their sin…”  I’m divorced.  That’s a sin, no matter how I cut it.  Remarrying, that’s a sin, too.  (Want to get after me for the truth on that?  I might blog it one day.)  God forgives these sins, but I have to seek His forgiveness.  I can’t move on to a new relationship until I have found His forgiveness for the sins and failures of the last one.

“… and will heal their land.”  Replace land with heart.  Or life.  Or relationship.  The whole point is that God will heal.  If I truly seek Him in a new relationship and it really is what I need, then He will heal me and bring it to pass.

Now I just have to take the first step.